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Request for Technology Solutions

Request for Technology Solutions

PensPittsburgh Penguins Pass the Puck to PTC Members;
Looking for a Technology Assist

To better engage and connect with their fan base, the Pittsburgh Penguins are seeking ideas, inventions and new technologies that maximize fan experience and keep their organization on the cutting edge of innovation. To meet this goal, the Penguins and the PTC are teaming up to help pull the best concepts out of southwestern Pennsylvania’s innovation economy.

This creates a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses to showcase their products and ideas before one of the nation’s premier professional sports organizations.

The Opportunity

The Penguins have identified a broad range of interest areas for innovation and new technologies (described below). After reviewing this list, Council members will have the opportunity to propose ideas to the Penguins for further consideration.

Starting on June 24, 2015, and running through July 10, 2015, the Penguins are asking for a three-minute video OR a 100 words-or-less memo from any company or individual (such as faculty who are working on research) who believes they have an idea/solution to help the Penguins. This video or memo must convey your idea/solution and capabilities. In order to be considered, the company or individual must be located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, either through a main or satellite/regional office, and must be a member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council in good standing.

Videos and memos should be submitted to this online submission folder. Please be sure to include your name, company name, and a contact email IN THE TITLE OF YOUR SUBMISSION.

After reviewing the videos or memos, the Penguins will decide which companies will be invited to present in person to their senior executive team at one of their facilities. Dates and times of the presentations will be determined after the review of the videos and memos. The Council is also planning a breakfast event on August 17 with several Penguins executives, including: David Morehouse, President and CEO; Travis Williams, Chief Operating Officer; and Erik Watts, Senior Director, Technology, who will talk about their technology strategy as well as the upcoming season.

If your idea/solution is selected by the Penguins, you will work with them to find a mutually agreed upon working relationship. Some relationships may result in beta testing ideas. Some may be work for hire. And, some may result in strategic partnerships. By submitting an idea/solution, you understand and agree that the Penguins are not obligated to keep it confidential, and all rights will be subject to further discussion.

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Technology Solution Categories

The Penguins have sorted their interests as follows, but this is not in order of priority:

Fan Amenities

Solving ways to simplify routine interactions such as food/merchandise ordering, line location & wait times.

Memory Maker

Creating keepsakes that exist beyond the game experience. Ways to commemorate the game that includes personal memories or moments (photo, experience, printable – tangible and tactile).

Play Along

Creating games or experiences that are both digital and physical. Creating unification of fans that is engaging during the game.

Fan Immersion

Utilizing technology to allow fans access to places they have only dreamed of seeing.


Utilizing real time statistics such as speed of puck, speed of skaters, etc., to enhance the fan experience.


Encouraging smart phone interaction with game entertainment and other fan areas in the arena; leveraging ibeacon technology.

Finding more ways to let the fans submit content to be part of game entertainment.

Leveraging open source in fan engagement. Are there solutions designed for ecommerce that can be leveraged for fans?

Content Delivery

Identifying new ways to deliver content both during the event and outside of events.

Leveraging new hardware technology, e.g. touch screens, multi-panels, projections, holograms, haptics.

Social Media Engagement

Delivering in-arena or out-of-arena specific content to the array of social media streams to ensure real time engagement.

Listening to or monitoring social media and influence sentiment about our brand; managing reputation of our brand via social media.

Big Data

Looking for ways to leverage our existing customer data and gather additional customer data; Analyzing customer data to improve communications, increase revenues, etc.

Utilizing business data to increase revenues, reduce expenses, create efficiencies, etc.


Making in-arena content and experiences mobile. How do we reach the fans that couldn’t make the game or are remotely located? How do we make them part of the game-day crowd?

Making it easier for fans to purchase anything they want on any device, at any time.


Use of RFID or other technology to streamline transactions or interactions.

Integrated solutions for: ticket scanning, food/merch purchasing, seat locating, ticket sharing, seat upgrades, mobile payments.


How do we allow the fans to customize the game to be unique for them?

How to compete with the comforts of home?


How are companies improving the workplace experience with technology?

How are companies adapting to the mobile technology generation?

How are companies driving “cutting edge” innovation and fostering “big ideas?"

How are companies improving the effectiveness of their employees (work smarter, not harder)?

Other “Big Ideas”

What haven’t we mentioned above or thought about?

What is the hot, new “big idea” in the use of technology in sports, entertainment or business?

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